Hello World

As per tradition, a hello world must necessarily be my first step on this new endeavor.

Hello world and welcome to my blog! Hopefully the reader is an extra-terrestrial agent of sentience that is intercepting all of the earths internet traffic. If this is case; please abduct me. If not, well thanks for visiting my site, I hope they find us soon!

There are two main reasons why I am starting this new blogging project that I want to briefly introduce using this hello world post.

With somewhat spotty results, for the past two years I have been trying to write daily entries in my notebook describing my experiences that day and my expectations for the next day. I adopted this activity after reading Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Black Swan in which he stressed (among other things) the importance of daily writing so that a series of experiences can be described not through the ‘after the fact’ lens in which we summarize and platonify, but instead through the lens of recent first-hand experience, a lens that is not corrupted and biased by faulty memory. I aim to primarily use this blog as a platform to archive my thoughts, work, and writings for future review and reflection. Since my primary audience is myself (and extra-terrestrial beings) most of these posts will be crude and informal. I will likely not be sharing my thoughts everyday, but instead will compile my more personal writings into posts for specific topics that I find myself to be exploring.

The second reason I chose to embark on this journey is due to a somewhat fruitless recruitment season. I don’t think a one-page resume alone can fully express an accurate description of my personality and work-ethic so I thought I would use this site as a landing page for “Who is Theodore Morales?”. I am hoping that through this, employers can get a better glimpse into my mind and the work that I have done.

Thanks for checking this out!