• B.S. Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin

    • Concentration: Cybersecurity

    • Minor: Philosophy

  • Honors:

    • Presidential Honors Scholar

    • National Hispanic Merit Scholar

    • Freshman Research Initiative Alumni

  • Expected Graduation:

    • May 2022


Firefox Cena April 2021

Designed and implemented a python tool called firefox cena that collects nearby wireless network information, allows the user to clone a nearby network, deauthorizes all clients from the network, and then forces them to connect to the imposter network. Once clients are connected to the imposter, if they are running a unix-based system with a firefox browser, all DNS requests resolve to an evil web server which hosts a clone of the official firefox installation page instructing the user to install a ‘firefox security update’. Once the victim installs the payload, user can use annoying-mode to begin utilizing the victims CPU to mine XMR as well as install a few really obnoxious John Cena related cron-jobs. Alternatively, stealth-mode may also be used to deploy the mining software without the cron-jobs in hopes that the user doesn’t notice their laptop overheat everytime they keep it on for more than 5 minutes. -> repository

Bliechenbacher Attack on RSA with PKCS v1.5 November 2020

With PKCS v1.5 Padding, RSA is vulnerable to an oracle attack. This attack, first put forth by Daniel Bliechenbacher, consists of using the known first two bytes of the padding as a means to perform the attack. Using his publication, I reproduced the attack and successfully compromised my own implementation of RSA based off of the Python Cryptography module. -> repository

TLS 1.2 Handshake Implementation October 2020

Using RFC 5246, I implemented the TLS version 1.2 handshake protocol to allow for a server and client to engage in a channel of communication through HTTPS. I also generated certificates and installed them on a sandboxed instance of firefox to provide my OSINT web application with the ability to be visited over the browser using my TLS implementation. -> repository

OSINT Web Application with Bell La-Padoula Security Policy October 2020

Using Django, I built a web application that allowed for users to perform ‘OSINT’ searches by piping their queries into google search search URLs and returning responses into a database which the users could access. In this application, I also implmemented the Bell La-Padoula “No Write-Up; No Read-Down” security policy. Users were given a security level by the site admin and were then only able to access and write information if the policy allowed it. -> repository

Lucratyva Laboratories DAO Transformation February 2020--Present

Researched, designed, and implemented a set of protocols to establish a transparent meritocracy with a focus on stigmergic collaboration and accountability automation. -> repository

Robinhoood Coop DAO Transformation September 2020--Present

Coordinating directly with the board of Robinhood Cooperative; I was contracted to lead the research, design, and implementation of a set of protocols that would utilize smart-contracts and distributed computing to enable the transformation of a cooperative into a scalable, trustless, and democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. A high-level non-technical introduction to the project can be found here

Long-Short Term Memory Network For Stock Price Prediction August 2019

Implemented an LSTM network using tensorflow to predict stock price based on hurst exponent of last 100 time steps, level one market data, and SPY volatility index (VIX). -> repository


Chief Scientist:

  • Lucratyva Laboratories: August 2018--Present

    • As Founder and CEO of Lucratyva Laboratories, I lead 6 teams of researchers, engineers, and innovators in the creation of proprietary tools and models to address problems at the intersection and within the fields of blockchain, quantum computing, machine learning, and financial modeling.
    • In addition to leading development, I am also the security operator and have implemented security policies including but not limited to role-based access systems, password rotation systems, public-private key remote access, virtual private network configuration and monitoring infrastructure, and port-forwarding with custom firewall configuration to name a few.


  • UT Austin Quantum Computing Collective: August 2020--Present

    • As Founder and Lead ‘Diractor’ of QCC, I design the collective’s operational and structural dynamics and help foster the growth of the only student organization at UT Austin aimed at providing a shared space for learning, teaching, and researching Quantum Computing.

Lead Smart Contract Engineer:

  • Robin Hood Cooperative Asset Management: September 2020--present

    • Leader of design and implementation of technological infrastructure to enable the cooperative to operate as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) using smart contracts to be deployed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Vice-President of Research and Development:

  • UT Austin Texas Blockchain: August 2019--Present

    • As Vice President of R&D I have been responsible for preparing and presenting weekly lectures to both beginner and intermediate members of the organization on smart contract development using solidity, as well as maintaining the organizations Ripple and Bitcoin nodes.

Undergraduate Researcher:

  • University of Texas at Austin: August 2020--May 2021

    • Although Machine Learning has shown to be immensely promising for addressing many of the modeling and prediction problems that we are faced with, a large hurdle continues to exist in the realm of efficient training. Requiring high amounts of data and iterations, many ML algorithms could benefit from methods that address maximization of efficiency in this area. I am currently working on exploring new methods that aim to simluate deep learning networks with tensors, possibly providing reduced training times.

Financial Algorithm Development Tutor:

  • QuantConnect: Mar 2021--September 2021

    • Offering tutoring and mentorship for individuals interested in learning more about Quantconnect and quantitiative finance using the LEAN trading engine.

Financial Algorithm Developer:

  • Freelance: Mar 2021--Present

    • Offering contract-based services relating to financial algorithm development and consultation.

Blockchain Consultant:

  • Freelance: September 2020--Present

    • Offering contract-based consultation and development with research focus primarily relating to token engineering, blockchain-augmented governance systems, and smart-contracts.

Undergraduate Researcher:

  • University of Texas at Austin: January 2019--July 2020

    • In modern AI-based robotics, there exists a problem called the Simulation-Reality Gap. This problem is evident when an agent is trained in a simulated environment and deployed on a physical environment. In this situation, it has been observed that the agent does not perform as well as expected. This can be attributed to our inability to effectively represent reality at the level of precision necessary for perfect skill-transfer. To address this, I tested a novel approach for movement generation and adaptation; conditional neural movement primitives paired with training domain randomization in an effort to create an agent that can be exposed to high environmental variation during training and thus be well-equipped when encountering a new environment(reality).



  • Python
  • C
  • Javascript
  • x86 Assembly
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Qiskit
  • Tensorflow
  • Pytorch
  • SQL
  • Solidity
  • GDB
  • BurpSuite
  • Nmap